12/06/2019 research seminar

Financial education: An answer to the financialization of everyday life?

Jeanne Lazarus (CNRS, Sciences-Po)

Discussant: Mikołaj Pawlak (University of Warsaw)


The general lack of financial literacy among the citizens of developed countries has become an increasingly important political issue over the past fifteen years. It has been the subject of international bodies’ concerns (OECD, IMF, G20), and many countries developed national strategies of financial education. Nonetheless, the French government has long been reluctant to implement these policies, considering that the OECD framing did not suit the French situation. In this paper, I explain why in 2015, a French national strategy has been launched, that takes up in full the policy drawn up by the OECD. From this case, I show how public policies are trying to develop ways of protecting citizens from finance, by finance.